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Castor EDC Calculations Manual

A comprehensive manual for creating calculation fields in your Castor study.

  1. Introduction to calculations: the basics

    1. Introduction to calculation fields and syntax
    2. Using the "if-else" logic
    3. Forcing Castor to calculate with empty fields
    4. Using the "for loop" in calculations
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  2. General calculation templates

    1. Calculating with checkbox fields
    2. Calculate with grid fields
    3. Check if a number contains X number of digits or decimal places
    4. Validation or dependency on an empty field
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  3. Calculate (medical) scores

    1. Calculate the BMI using height and weight
    2. Calculate body surface area (BSA) using height and weight
    3. Calculate the eGFR with the MDRD formula
    4. Assign a score based on a percentage
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  4. Calculations with date and time

    1. Doing date (and time) calculations: the basics
    2. Using if/else logic with dates
    3. Check if a date is before another date and show an error if so
    4. Show a message when the date is more than X days before today or in the future
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  5. Date and time difference templates

    1. Calculate the difference between two dates
    2. Calculate time difference between two time fields
    3. Calculate the age using a date variable
    4. Calculate the age using a year (or year and month) variable
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  6. Formatting dates

    1. Check if entered date is in US format (mm/dd/yyyy)
    2. Convert a date to CDISC format (dd/mmm/yyyy)
    3. Convert date formats
    4. Validating partial dates NK/MM/YYYY
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