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Showing/hiding fields based on the institute

Castor EDC allows to show/hide certain fields based on the Institute where a certain record was created. There are 2 options on how you can do this:

  • Using dependency and calculation field. 

  • Using our Automation Engine. 

If you wish to do it by using the Automation Engine, please visit this article: Automatically hide/show phases/steps based on the Institute.

In this article we will explain how to perform this task using dependency and calculation. Follow the steps:

1. Add the calculation field that will automatically identify from which Institute is the user. Alternatively, you can also  output a value (e.g.: 1 or 2). 

We recommend adding the calculation field on the first step of the first phase of the study because the system will only be able to use the calculation to identify the Institute when the user opens the steps that it is in. Therefore, the system will only show the steps for that specific Institute once the calculation field is triggered, otherwise they will be kept hidden.

When creating the calculation field, you will need to write on the “Calculation template” exactly '{castorInstituteName}'. This template identifies the Institute where the record is created. 

Alternatively, if  you prefer to give a value to the Institute abbreviation, you can use the If-Else logic to write the formula that will check the Institute abbreviation and output a certain value. Please, see example below:

if ('{castorInstituteAbbreviation}' == 'ABC') {
} else if ('{castorInstituteAbbreviation}' == 'DEF') {
} else if ('{castorInstituteAbbreviation}' == 'XYZ') {

If preferred, it is also possible to use ''{InstituteId}'' predefined variable which will retrieve the Institute ID where the record is created.

2. Once you have set up the calculation, you can create the dependency on the specific question that you want to appear for that Institute.

  • Dependency on field (1): Select the calculation field

  • Field operator (2): is equal to

  • Field value (3): add the name of the Institute to trigger that question to appear. In case you have used the formula to generate the Institute value, you will right on Field value the value you have given to that Institute instead of the name, e.g.: 1.

3. When creating a new Record in the Records tab, only the questions according to the Institute where a record is created will be shown. 

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