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Can I send a second survey only to participants who completed the first?

At the moment, it is not possible to automatically send a second survey after a first one is completed. However, our automation engine provides a workaround to help you perform this action. The following steps will be required to do so:

1. Create a checkbox field that allows you to manually set the status of the first survey for each record.

  • You can choose to make this field “not required” so that it doesn’t affect the progress of the study.

  • Set as option in the option group as illustrated below.

  • The field will appear as such in the record view.

2. Set up an automation to send out the second survey once the “survey 1 check” field is marked as completed.

  • Make sure that records have an updated email address assigned, or else the survey invitations will fail as seen on the screenshot below.

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