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CDISC export and import limitations

The CDISC Operational Data Model (ODM) was developed to promote data collection, archival and interoperability for clinical research studies. Castor EDC supports CDISC ODM-XML for the study structure and data export. The base version of standard is  ODM-XML version 1.3.2 .

This feature is currently available upon customer request without any additional fee. To enable it please contact Castor support at and provide the study id where you would like to have this functionality enabled.

Structure import/export

  • Importing multiple instances of one form (step) within several visits (phases) is possible.
  • Each fields variable names will be adjusted upon import to match the Castor CDMS template: the variable should start with a letter, use only letters and numbers (or one of the following characters: $#_@), and be less than or equal to 64 characters.
  • Partial structure import (for example, importing only a phase or a specific step) is not supported currently.
  • The following field types are not exported: Add report button, Add survey button, Grid, Remark, Repeated measures.  Please note that the field related attributes are also not exported: Field width value, Measurement unit field setting, Help/Info text, Data validation, Exclude field in data exports (Advanced tab), Encryption settings.
  • Several field types will be converted upon the export:

Initial field type

 Resulting field type

Radio button
Radio button
Upload file
Text multiline
Number date
Text multiline
Text multiline

Data export

  • Data for these field types will not be exported: Add report button, Add survey button, Grid, Remark, Repeated measures.
  • The date format is:  DD-MM-YY.

For more information on how to export study structure and data, please consult these articles:

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