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Adding record status

It is possible to assign a status to each record if your study administrator has created relevant statuses in the Settings tab. Adding a status to a record is only possible for study team members with Edit rights.

To add a status for an individual record, open the record and select the relevant status in the Record status dropdown menu:

NOTE: the dropdown is a quick and direct way to change the status on the fly, while on data entry and therefore will skip the option to add a reason for the record status update. If a reason needs to be added, please use one of the other three (3) ways to change this: In data entry, from the left-side navigation bar or in records overview, from the 3-dot and the Actions menus.

The record status is also visible in the Records overview in the Status column. 

The status can be changed by clicking on the 3-dot menu in a row related to a relevant record and clicking the option 'Update status':

To update status for multiple records, select the records and click on the Actions menu, then choose the option 'Update status'

After a record status was assigned, it is possible to reset the status to 'Not set' by selecting this option in the status dropdown menu in the individual record or updating the status for multiple records at the same time in the 'Records' overview.

If no statuses have been created on the study, the user is informed of that and can directly jump to create a new status in the study Settings provided that they have Manage Settings rights.

In records overview, users can filter by results by record status. If no record statuses have been defined in Study Settings, an informative text is shown in the filters panel next to the new filter criteria.

 Every time the status of a record is updated, a new ‘Record status updated' event is logged in the Audit trail.

Importing Record status

It is also possible to update record status during the data import process. On the Import dialog you will find the option “Import record status” to be selected.

Please, note: 

1) The record status name must exist in the study. If this does not exist, a warning will be shown in the import preview “Record Status Not Found and will not be imported”.

2) If the imported value is empty, this is considered an intentional removal of the status for the affected record(s) and will be therefore updated to ‘not set’ (the default value for all records). A warning in the import preview will show ‘Record Status will be unset’

For more information on how to import the data, please refer to the article How to import study data.

It is also possible retrieve and update the status of each record using the API.

View record status in printouts and export files

You can also see records status on printouts as well as into the export functionality so you can see the status of each record while printing or exporting them. 

  • For a printout you can find the record status on the top of the page. Learn how to print record data in the article Print record data

  • For an export file, you can find the record status on the second column when exporting in CSV, but this may vary depending on the exporting type selected. 

Records status in the Audit Trail

You will find the “Record status updated” as an event type on the Audit Trail to see the changes made on the record status throughout the study. 

Please note that the Audit Trail will be visible if a study team member has all management rights. You will also be able to see which status a record was holding when an event has happened on it.

See below the list of events in the Audit trail where you will be able to see the record’s status: 

  • Record created

  • Record archived

  • Record unarchived

  • Record hard delete 

  • Record opened

  • Record randomized

  • Record result

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