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Phone support

For the phone support, please contact us using one of the following numbers based on the country from which you are calling:

Country Number
Australia 1800531529
Austria 800909600
Belgium 080080827
Canada 8339573023
Czech Republic 800700448
Denmark 80251428
Finland 0800417433
France 0805542375
Germany 08007597601
Greece 2111986082
India 0008004420177
Ireland 1800812071 
Israel 1809344199
Italy 800928002
Mexico 018000624988
Netherlands 08000226366
Poland 800919346
Portugal 0800210332
South Africa 0800007245
Spain 900811403
Sweden 0201605625
Switzerland 0800005554
Ukraine 0800502269
United Kingdom 08001690444
USA 18772169016

Please note that the phone numbers should be dialed as they appear above without any additional prefixes or country codes. Phone support numbers are only accessible from the country the phone support number is for. For example, the Netherlands phone support number can be accessed only from the Netherlands. The phone support numbers are free of charge.

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