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The Record Status

Tracking records throughout the study lifecycle is critical. For most users, whether processing individual records, or summarized views of study progress, rely on this information for critical user-flows. We’re introducing a first version of this new feature, allowing users to easily define and manage records statuses. These can then be assigned to single or multiple records and can be viewed in the records overview.

The article below explains how to create and manage record status for your study.

Creating a record status

Users can create, update and delete record statuses from Study Settings. Please note that Manage Settings rights are required to perform this operation. Follow the steps below to create a record status:

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab and click the 'Manage record statuses' button

2. If it is the first status for your study, click on 'Add record statuses' button

3. In the pop-up window, add the properties: status name, choose assigned and add description. Click 'Save' to save the status. 

Add more status if required by clicking on the '+Add new record status'. 

Once a status is added, data entry users will be able to select the status in the Records view. 

Editing or deleting an existing record status

To edit an existing status, click on the pencil icon. To delete the status, click on the bin icon.After removing a status, all records that currently have this record status will automatically get it reassigned to "not set".

You can drag and drop statuses cards on the “Manage record statuses” page and the position/order of the statuses is saved automatically. The order of the status in Study settings matches the order of the statuses in the dropdown lists.

Once the record status is defined in the Settings, study team members will be able to add it to records manually. You can also update record status when importing data as well as see records statuses on printout and export files. To learn more about that, check the article Adding record status.

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