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Archive or unarchive a record / survey / report

Once the study is live, it is no longer possible to delete a record/survey/report. The only way to remove it from the current overview is to archive it. 

Archiving in Castor behaves almost in the same way as deleting - archived instances do not get exported with the data and do not influence the results of the study. The difference between deletion and archival is that you can always retrieve an archived instance by unarchiving it. This is necessary for GCP regulations that require full traceability of the study.

Archiving records

To archive - select a record or several records you would like to archive, click on the 'Actions' button and select the 'Archive selected' option, then enter the reason for archiving:

It will still be possible to access archived records, surveys or a reports by checking the filter for Archived instances in the relevant overview.

To see archived records in the Records tab, click on 'Filters' button:

 Set Record progress to 'Archived' in the 'Filter by' panel and click 'Apply' to view the records:

Archiving a record assigns it the prefix 'ARCHIVED-' to the record ID, so if you create a record immediately after archiving the previous one, the same record ID will be used. If you archive older records, the record ID's will not be reused.

Archiving surveys or reports

To archive a survey or a report, open an individual record and navigate to the tab 'Surveys' or 'Reports' accordingly. Alternatively, open the global 'Surveys' or 'Reports' tab. Click on the cogwheel next to a survey or a report and choose the option 'Archive survey' or 'Archive report'.

To see archived surveys in the Surveys tab, choose Filter by completion status -> 'Archived'.  

To see archived reports in the Reports tab, choose Filter by status -> 'Archived'. 

Castor EDC also allows to un-archive records, reports or surveys. It means that once they are un-archived, they will be moved to an overview of the records, reports or surveys again. To un-archive a report or survey, click on the cogwheel next to it and select 'Unarchive survey' or 'Unarchive report'.

Unarchiving a record

To unarchive a record, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the  'Filters' icon at the top right - select 'Archived', then 'Apply' to apply changes. An overview of archived records will be shown.

  • To un-archive one record: Click the 3 dot menu to the left of the  record you would like to un-archive - select 'Un-archive'. The record will be unarchived and will be visible in the list of all active records.  If the record ID of the archived already exists in the Records list, upon un-archiving suffix corresponding to an incremental number will be added depending on the number of records with the same ID. For example, if there is an archived record ARCHIVED-00001 and there is an active record 00001, upon unarchiving the archived records will appear as 00001-1 in the list of active Records.

  • To un-archive records in bulk: select records you would like to un-archive, click on the 'Actions' button and choose the option to 'Un-archive selected'.

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