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Reports overview

In the 'Reports' tab, an overview of all the reports within the study is shown. A user can only see reports from records that belong to an institute for which they have "View" rights:

  1. You can make use of the filters in the top panel. For example, you can filter on institute, on record ID, or on report type.  You can also click on the column labels to sort the reports in a relevant order. For example, you can sort by the date of creation of the report by clicking on the "Created on":
  2. An overview of all reports is shown, with the completion level and other details such as name, date and creator. As of release 2019.1, you can double click on the report line and you will be taken directly to the report in data entry view.
  3. You can archive or print a report using the cogwheel menu.

The column label turns bold. If you click once, the order is ascending, if you click once again, the order will be descending. You can also click on the arrowhead next to a column to  display the following menu:

Here, you can select whether to sort on ascending or descending and you can also deselect the columns that you don't want to see in your overview. By default, all columns are visible.

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