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Consent Forms

The 'Consent Forms' page displays the names, versions, and other relevant details of the consent forms. From here it is possible to create new consent forms and manage existing ones. 

Name: name of the consent form.
Version: version of the consent form.
Status: status of the consent form. The form can have the following status: published - the form is online and available for signature; archived - the form is not in use anymore; draft - the form is in progress.
Country: country of the site to which the form is linked.
Language: language of the form.
Sites: lists the sites where the form is available for use.
Options: displays an additional menu to manage an existing form.

Managing an existing form

To manage an existing form, click on the three dots menu in the ‘Options’ column:

Duplicate: allows creating a copy of your existing form.
Preview: view the form before it is published and made available for viewing by study subjects.
Download: this option allows you to save the copy of the consent form in the pdf format to your device.
Archive: changes the status of the consent form to ‘Archived’. Archived forms cannot be used in the study and cannot be unarchived. Archived forms can be used as a template for a new consent form by clicking on the ‘Duplicate’ in the three dots menu.

Viewing an existing form

To view an existing form, click on the form name. You will be automatically redirected to the form template.

If the form is published, it will become available for assigning it to a subject.

If the form has a ‘Draft’ status, it is possible to edit the form content and settings. Read in the article ‘Adding and Editing a consent form’ about how to edit an existing consent form.

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