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Overseeing organization and Sites

The 'Overseeing organization and Sites' overview allows managing details of the overseeing organization and sites.

Overseeing organisation

In this section, you can view the following details related to the organization: Name, Abbreviation, Country, Admin email. It is possible to edit these details (except for the admin email) by clicking on the pencil icon:

Study sites

In the study sites section you can manage your sites in the study. 

To add a site, click the ‘Add site’ button:

Enter the site details such as Site name, Abbreviation and Country and click ‘Add site’:

To edit the site details or to delete a site, click on the ‘Manage’ icon in the ‘Options’ column. A pop-up window will appear where you can adjust the site details accordingly. After editing the site information, click on ‘Save changes’ to apply the changes:

Please note it is not possible to delete a site, if it is in use by a subject, by an informed consent form or by a user.

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