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Linked study properties

Once two studies are linked, there are certain considerations that you need to take into account when working with the linked studies:

  • Only users with “Manage Forms” right can see the “Study link” option from “Structure” tab.  Also only users with ''Manage Settings'' rights can create a linked study review changes, review data impact and apply changes (otherwise all actionable buttons are disabled).These rights are necessary in a test and production study.

  • The linked test study cannot be set to “live” and Status option in the Settings tab is disabled.

  • The type of the two linked studies cannot be modified and the Type option in the Settings tab is disabled.

  • The linked production study structure cannot be edited. It is only possible to export the structure in the linked production study.

  • Linked studies cannot be archived. To archive a linked study, you need to unlink the study first.

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