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Castor EDC 2021.1 release notes

Main features & improvements

Release date: 1 March 2021

Records overview:

Enhanced user experience with modern, more intuitive and easy to use elements including:

  • Improved responsiveness for mobile and tablet devices 
  • More columns visible at once for greater information density at a glance.
  • The number of applied filters persists on the overview minimise errors reviewing the record table results. 
  • The table results will reset when each new filter is applied. 
  • Updating the record institute and archiving/unarchiving records now available as bulk actions. 
  • All bulk operations have been consolidated into a new ‘Actions’ menu
  • The ‘Records views’ dropdown has been moved to individual tabs in navigation pane
  • Complete design update of all existing modal dialogs (export, Import, update etc)
  • Advanced table navigation and pagination

Data entry and review:

  • Bulk decrypt all fields in a step. (For studies that utilise encryption)
  • The field type, Date and Time,  now requires data in both a date and  time form inputs to be entered..
  • The option ‘SDV all steps in this phase’ has been temporarily disabled until an overview can be shown for what the user is about to SDV before applying it.
  • Report types are only available in the “add report” dialogue if the user has this role with permissions to edit reports.

Structure and study building:

  • Optional unique Identifiers can be created for individual phases and steps, similar to variable names for fields. These are not mandatory yet across the study, but if they are being used, they do need to be unique. These identifiers will be needed for future functionality.

User rights:


  • When the study is not found on the server the user is requesting to, the API now returns a message ‘Study not found’ instead of a status 500.
  • When retrieving survey packages that contain more than 10 surveys, the API now returns all surveys instead of only the first 10.

Bug fixes & minor improvements

  • Audit trail for an upload field no longer displays the file metadata for the field value.
  • The list of institutes in the study settings is now ordered alphabetically and nested for countries.
  • Small adjustments to the study settings sliders to allow for more inclusions and centers.
  • New studies that have set the maximum number of institutes, centers or of type registry have to contact sales for a billing code.
  • Variable names can now be added to all field types.
  • Institutes that were deleted in the study are no longer visible in the statistics tab.
  • It’s no longer possible to use [ and ] in the user name.
  • Fixed a bug where the audit trail would not display the correct name for deleted users.
  • Fixed a bug where the filters for the reports tab within data entry would not be displayed if a new report is created from a reports button.
  • Fixed a bug where surveys would not get locked if they were sent with a survey button in data entry.
  • Fixed a bug where filtering on other pages than the first one in the monitoring tab wasn’t working.
  • Fixed a bug where the system would timeout when printing a record with a large number of reports.
  • Fixed a bug where users did not see search results for records if they were not on the first page of the records overview.
  • Fixed a bug in data entry where a resolved query would appear as open if the data on that field was edited.
  • Fixed a bug where participants could not reply to a valid email address from the survey sender.
  • Fixed a bug where the audit trail displayed [Object Object] for the ‘email address viewed’ event.
  • Fixed a bug where the SDV icon would not display correctly on the records overview for steps and phases with a dependent date field.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Missing SDV’ filter on records overview was not working correctly when custom verifications were applied to the record.
  • Fixed a bug where the field level audit trail on reports was displaying all results of that field for all instances of that report on the record.
  • Security fix: Revoked rights were still applicable as long as the user session was active. This is no longer the case.

2021.1.1 - 02 Mar 2021

  • Security fix: remove unnecessary email address from server response when opening survey data entry.
  • Fixed a bug where Patient ID was not displaying on the record creation dialog for studies for which this was enabled.

2021.1.2 - 12 Mar 2021

  • Reintroduce option to SDV on phase level, which was removed in 2021.1.0.
  • Reintroduce option to print an empty CRF from the records overview.
  • Reintroduce option "Update Patient ID" in records overview context menu for specific studies.
  • Security fix in form builder preview.
  • Security fix for file uploads.
  • Performance improvement on records overview loading of records.

2021.1.3 - 22 Mar 2021

  • Reintroduce option to email users from records overview.
  • Disallow double clicking on a record in records overview, which led to double opening of data entry.
  • Fixed a bug where the search and filters on records overview sometimes did not work.
  • Fixed a bug where users could not use the option "View query in new tab" in the monitoring view.
  • Fixed a bug where refreshing the browser in data entry led to displaying the old records overview.
  • Performance improvement on phase and step view in records overview.

2021.1.4 - 29 Mar 2021

  • General performance improvements for studies with lots of report instances.
  • Reduce default width of columns in records overview.
  • Fixed a bug where study structures with large images could not be uploaded.

2021.1.5 - 9 Apr 2021

  • Enable redirects from bookmarks of old records overview to new records overview.
  • Performance improvement for record id generation.


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