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What is the difference between SDV, signature and lock?

SDV and Signatures are similar measures to mark a step or phase as having valid data entered, being complete, and/or having been checked by a monitor.

Source Data Verification (SDV) - confirms the conformity of the data presented in case report forms with the source data.  It is possible to perform SDV on a field, step or a phase.

Other Data Verification - Castor EDC allows to add a custom verification type in the Settings tab.

Signature - the Signature can be done by the proper clinician or data entry user to indicate that the information is complete, while a monitor will use SDV as a second line of verification of the completeness and adequateness of the data entered. 

Lock - Locking a record or a part of the study is a security measure to prevent further data entry. In that sense, it is fundamentally different to SDV and Signatures. It is possible to lock phases and steps, as well as a record.

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