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What is eConsent?

With the increasing demand on decentralized clinical trials and digitization of on-site processes, having the Informed Consent in an electronic form has become a key component of clinical research.

Castor eConsent is a flexible, user-friendly, and secure solution which puts the study participant in control of their data, allows a researcher to easily ask for consent. Thus, it reduces errors, improves efficiency, and eliminates administrative overhead involved in the processing of physical documents.

How does it work?

Participants can register their interest in the study through a customized enrollment page, after which they receive an email prompting them to sign up in the Castor eConsent portal. They will then be able to see your project overview and review and sign the informed consent associated with your study with a digital signature. Alternatively, identified patients can be invited directly by the study team (through email) to sign up for eConsent.

After the participant has digitally signed the form, the research team will be notified and the form can be countersigned by the research team (if applicable). It is also possible to download the signed Informed Consent as PDF.

The researcher will have access to the record IDs of the participants (configurable) and to the consent signature status for each participant. Personally identifiable information can be provided by the participants in their profile and can be made visible to the study team if necessary. 

In addition, it is possible to set up a video call between the study participant and the researcher allowing for identity verification and further provision of study information as well as for the participant to ask questions about the study and consent.


- All data is stored in The Netherlands (Azure data center).

- This integration is not available off the shelf and needs to be configured and implemented for individual projects.  As each project has its own specific flow, it is possible to implement further customizations of the eConsent flow. Please contact us through for further information.

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