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In this page you can find various resources that are useful when working with Castor EDC.

Form Exchange

The Form Exchange is a platform where you can up- and download forms, reports and surveys to be shared with the community of Castor users. You can also find (and test) useful calculations that cover specific demands. In this article you can get guidance to navigate the site.

To be able to up- and download you will need to log in with your Castor user account.

Calculation Field Helper

The Calculation Field Helper is a tool that allows you to test your calculations before implementing them in your EDC. Just declare your variables in the left box and paste your code in the right box. In less than a second you will see the result of your calculation and whether the code has any inconsistencies or errors. 

Here you can read some guidelines to use the tool.

Castor status

It is now possible to see our current services availability on our Castor Status page.
 Although we aim to keep downtime to a minimum, users may occasionally experience trouble connecting to one of our servers. We truly believe that reliability and up-time are critical to our customers. To show our commitment, we’re launching this status page, to keep you informed of our service status and historical up-time.

You can check the Castor Status page at any time to get current status information. If you are experiencing a real-time  issue with one of our services that is not listed there, please inform us through Castor Support.

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