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Hide parts of the CRF for certain users

You can hide parts of the eCRF for certain data-entry users. This means that they will not see a specific part of the form while doing data entry. Note: all users with 'Manage forms' rights will still have access to the full form in the Form Structure Editor. 

You will first need to define user roles as per this manual article. To hide parts of the eCRF for a specific role, first go to the 'Structure' tab and find the section of the study that you want to hide.

You can choose to hide a study phase, a step, a report or a report step.

  1. Start by selecting the phase that contains the step you would like to hide for certain user roles. If you want to hide a report do the same in the 'Reports' sub-tab. 
  2. Select the step you want to hide.
  3. Click the cogwheel and choose the option 'Assign User Roles'

Select the roles for which this step, report, or phase should be hidden:

Once you have selected the user roles, click 'Save' to store the changes.

Navigating between forms with 'Assign User Roles' feature

If you are using roles for the 'Assign User Roles' feature to hide specific study phases, steps or reports and reports steps, please note that when opening a record or a report, it will be opened on the last study phase, step, report or report step which was opened by the previous study team member working on that record. 

If the next study team member is hidden from that particular form, then they will encounter an error. 

For example, consider the following scenario" there is a study team member with the role 'Nurse' and the phase 'Outcome' is hidden from the 'Nurse' role with the 'Assign User Roles' feature. In case a study team member with the 'Admin' role opens the 'Outcome' phase, then closes the record, then a study team member with the 'Nurse' role upon opening a record, will encounter an error.

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