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Add a new user to your study

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add additional users to your study. 

Add a user

In the 'Users' tab in study management, click the '+ Add user' button to add someone to the study:

A pop-up will appear where you have to fill in the users email address and select an institute to which the user belongs. You can also add an additional message to inform them about the invitation. Press add user to finish the process. If the user already has a Castor account, the study will be added to their list of studies. If the user does not have a Castor account, they will be required to register before being able to access the study.

Invited/confirmed users

Users new to Castor will receive an email with an invitation to join Castor. They will be listed as 'Invited' if they have not yet registered - this will change to 'Confirmed' once their account is registered. If you wish to send a reminder or resend the initial invitation email, you can click the envelope button under 'Actions' to resend the invite:

If the invited user has already a registered Castor account with the provided email address, they will be directly listed as 'Confirmed'.  Once a user is confirmed, you can assign user rights to the new user. By default, newly created users do not have any rights within the study.

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