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Castor EDC 2019.3 release notes

Main features & improvements


  • It is now possible to set up a reminder for a survey package. This can be done when creating/editing the survey package in the structure tab. This is a generic setting for the survey package and will always be applied when an invitation is sent for that survey package. The reminder can be set for up to 99 days after the invitation was sent.

  • Survey respondents can now choose different languages for surveys. The complete list of languages is now: English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. The survey translations apply to buttons and messages. Creating a translated version of the actual questions in the survey will need to be done by the person creating the questionnaire.

Study creation

  • The Create New Study form has been renewed

    • Study ID, which was only used within the URL of the study has been removed. Trial registry ID which can be used for documentation outside of Castor EDC is still available.

    • A selection of templates has been added to the Create New Study form, these can be used to build a study more quickly.

Study structure & form builder

  • A new field type has been added: Add Survey Button. This button can be used to create a survey invitation directly from data entry and works similarly to the Add Report Button.

  • It is now possible to apply bold (**bold**), italic (_italic_) and underline (___underline___)text to option names,  in the same way as this works for field labels and field info text.

Data entry

  • The design of dropdown fields has been updated. Additionally, dropdown fields with a large number of options (>250) turn into a search box instead of loading all the options which improves data entry performance for studies with large option groups.

  • When a record has been randomized, it is no longer possible to change the data for a field used for stratification or its parent. 


  • The export for comments now has additional info: current value of the field, which type of form the field is located on (study/report) and the report name if applicable.

  • The survey variable list in a data export has been updated to include the same info about variables as the study variable list and report variable list.


  • The endpoint /study/{study_id}/surveypackageinstance/{survey_package_instance_id} now returns the survey instances that belong to the survey package instance.

Bug fixes & minor improvements

  • When creating a custom column in study settings, you can now choose whether to display option labels or option values for radio button/checkbox/dropdown fields

  • Added information to the server filter on the My Studies page.

  • On mobile devices the navigation pane now closes when the user clicks on any tab.

  • Updated My Studies page to show archived studies as disabled, even when hovering over.

  • When randomization in study settings is enabled, a recommendation is shown to enable GCP.

  • Small visual updates for survey data entry to allow for validated EQ5D surveys on mobile devices.

  • The date picker in the FHIR importer automatically updated all steps when a date for one step was selected. In some cases this is not helpful and therefore it has been disabled.

  • Fixed a bug where users were not able to register with apostrophes in email address.

  • Fixed a bug where studies with a very large number of fields could show progress as 100% while there were still incomplete fields.

  • Fixed a bug where uploading a file to an upload field which was on a verified or signed step resulted in no action.

  • Fixed a bug where the export would not show the user name on queries, comments and verifications when that user was no longer in the study.

  • Several security patches.

2019.3.1 - December 5th 2019 (Released together with the main release)

  • The audit trail event for randomization a record contained a randomization string, this has been removed
  • Fix for internal logging

2019.3.2 - December 5th 2019 (Released together with the main release)

  • Removed some information on the release banner

2019.3.3 - December 5th 2019

  • Fixed a bug where users sometimes saw a study-load error after the release

2019.3.4 - December 6th 2019 (Released together with 2019.3.5)

  • Fix for the release banner on US which could not be closed

2019.3.5 - December 6th 2019

  • Fixed a bug where a study could download previously stored files

2019.3.6 - December 10th 2019 (Released together with 2019.3.7)

  • Added SMS integration for an institute
  • Fixed studies that were created between 28-11 and 05-12 and could not open the study structure

2019.3.7 - December 10th 2019

  • Fixed survey reminders that were not being sent

2019.3.8 - December 13th 2019

  • Fixed a bug where the options were no longer displayed in the option groups overview
  • Fixed a bug where the great than sign (>) was not displayed in data entry option groups if it was the first character in an option
  • Security fix for exports

2019.3.9 - December 23th 2019

  • Performance improvements (mainly affecting US server)

2019.3.10 - January 9th 2020

  • Implemented secondary email providers for US and EU servers
  • Fixed a bug where special characters in record id's caused lock and signature banners in data entry to display 'Unknown user'
  • Fixed a bug where data entry was not loading if the loaded step contains a repeated measures grid that refers to a repeated measures report that does not have any steps
  • Security fix for adding comments and queries on encrypted fields
  • Performance improvement for study overview loading
  • Added /study/<study_id>/export endpoints to the API, allowing API users to export the structure, option groups and data of a study

2019.3.11 - January 23rd 2020

  • Fixed a bug where < and > signs where not visible in a query comment
  • Fixed a bug where the randomization group number was exported from the randomization field irrespective of the randomization rights

2019.3.12 - January 31st 2020

  • Fixed a bug where in some cases users would remain on the login page after clicking the login button
  • Fixed a bug where a calculation value was not saved when combined with an automation to hide certain steps
  • Small changes to enable SMS to integrate with EDC UK and US servers


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