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Customize record ID's

This article covers how to change the way Record IDs are generated within Castor EDC.

Record ID Options

First, navigate to Other Settings. Click the dropdown to see the various options for customised record ID's:

Castor offers a wide range of options for numbering your records.

Random number: This will create a random number for each new record.
Patient Study ID (free text): Use this option if you want IDs to be entered by users when creating records. We advise you not to use hospital IDs.
Incremental / Incremental per institute: This option will create incremental IDs for each record per institute. The records for the first institute will be numbered: 110001, 110002 etc, the records for the second institute will be numbered 120001, 120002 etc. (The numbering starts at '11', because 10001 and 100001 are really hard to distinguish).
Incremental per country / institute code / institute abbreviation: Similar to the option above, but will generate record IDs with country and custom institute codes (i.e. NL-AMC-001, NL-VUMC-001, etc).
Custom definition: You can also create your own record ID generation pattern, as described below.

Custom Record ID Generation Patterns

When you choose the option to create a custom definition you will see this menu:

With the custom generation patterns you have a lot of control over your record IDs. 

  1. Sequentially select elements from the "Available Elements" list on the left to create a new pattern.
  2. The selected elements will be shown in the 'New Pattern' panel, click the X to remove any unwanted elements.
  3. Press the Preview button to see how your pattern would look with the Institute/Country information you supplied earlier in the Manage Institutes dialog.
  4. This box shows a preview of how your record IDs should look.

Press Save & Use to add the custom pattern you created for the generation of record ID's to your study.

Note: The incremental part checks for anything before the incremental number. Thus, adding the incremental at the beginning of the id will result in a different sequence to adding it in the middle or at the end. It is recommended to test the options extensively to prevent issues at a later time point.

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