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Castor EDC 2019.1 release notes

Main features & improvements


  • Encryption will be available as a premium feature and can be enabled in the study settings. More information around the entire feature can be found in the relevant manual section.


  • It is now possible to copy survey packages. When copying survey packages the following is copied: Intro text, outro text, settings and the selection of surveys within the package.

  • The export and import of study structure now also includes survey packages. Survey packages will always be exported/imported with their associated surveys. Thus, importing a survey package in a new study will import the associated surveys.

Option groups

  • Option groups with up to 15000 options can be imported via a csv file upload.


  • It is no longer possible to edit option groups that are used in fields that are in use as randomization strata.

  • It is no longer possible to edit or delete fields, steps or phases that contain randomization strata. 

  • Randomization is now disabled for records with an exclusion

  • A user with only randomization rights (not view randomization) can now view ‘Randomized by’ and ‘Randomized on’ in the randomization tab. 


  • In the main reports overview you can now double click the report and you will be taken to the report in data entry view. 

User management

  • The user management grid now shows which users have two factor authentication enabled. The rights overview print functionality also shows this.

Bug fixes & small improvements

  • When a user adds more than 50 fields or more than 10 calculation fields in a step, a warning message appears at the top of the step warning the user that this can negatively impact the performance.  This means that if you are using more than the suggested amount of fields in one step, a slower loading of steps and fields in data entry is to be expected.

  • Validation messages in data entry are updated and have new colours.

  • The ‘Show reports’ toggle in data entry above the phase navigator is now only available when there are reports attached to phases. 

  • When editing an existing automation that creates or sends a survey package, an error appeared when saving the automation without opening the action dialog. This has been fixed.

Minor updates

Release 2019.1.1

  • Fixed the randomization block size dropdown that could not be changed after saving a value.

  • Fixed report-instance-collection endpoints that returned an error for POST requests.

Release 2019.1.2

  • Fixed grid fields that were not saving on surveys. The admins of all affected studies have been contacted.

Release 2019.1.3

  • Fixed issue where users with only institute rights (no manage rights) could not access the study and would see a blank page.

  • Updated the API endpoint to create survey package instances to fall back to the email address of the record if no email address was provided in the request.

Release 2019.1.4

  • Fixed issue where the next button in surveys was disabled when entering the same value for a field twice (example: selecting the same dropdown value while that was already selected).

Release 2019.1.5

  • Fixed issue where survey respondents would see a message after 5 minutes in the survey: "The system encountered an  exception". The message was not blocking and will no longer be shown.

  • Fixed issue where the reports overview could not be loaded for a study with a large amount of reports (+200.000).

Release 2019.1.6

  • Security fix: user session was not updated on login, we now create a new session when the user logs in. This has no user impact.

Release 2019.1.7

  • The design of register and login pages have been updated. 

Release 2019.1.8

  • Minor security fixes.

Release 2019.1.9

  • Minor security fixes.

Release 2019.1.10

  • Fixed issue where ZorgTTP credentials were required for exporting data without the encrypted data. Only impacted studies where ZorgTTP was used for encryption.

Release 2019.1.11

  • Internal logging improvements.

Release 2019.1.12

  • Security fix for calculation fields.

  • Fixed issue for the option to export all uploaded files to a zip file. In one case old uploaded files could not be exported.

Release 2019.1.13

  • Fixed issue where the status for unsent Surveys via the Automation Engine was incorrect.

  • Add Select All buttons for Phase/Report in FHIR importer.

  • Speed improvements for loading the Record List.

Release 2019.1.14

  • Updated timestamp on duplicate FHIR message.

Release 2019.1.15

  • Improvements on SDV feature: show SDV icon in report overview and record overview (progress by steps and phases).

  • Fixed issue when, after importing, record progress and report status were not shown correctly. After opening a record, the progress is now correctly shown.

  • Fixed issue where Institutes with a comma in the name were not correctly saved in notifications

  • Fixed issue for Audit Trail: every time a record was opened, the email viewed event was additionally logged.

Release 2019.1.16

  • Improved visibility of SDV icons on report overview.

  • Temporarily disabled release notification banners.

  •  Fixed issue for export of reports assigned to reports showing unknown parent.

  • Fixed issue for data that was imported and should not be saved, since it was outside the maximum and minimum values defined.

Release 2019.1.17

  • Removed default institute permissions that were assigned to the study admin when adding a new institute.

  • Reduced spacing in survey remarks and space for title when survey is viewed on a smaller screen.

  • Fixed issue where missing values for date fields were not compatible with SPSS when exporting the data.

  • Speed improvements when exporting encrypted fields.

Release 2019.1.18

  • Minor security fixes.

  • Added additional checks to prevent data, comments and queries to be exported when a user has a role that is not allowed to view specific phases, steps or reports.

Release 2019.1.19

  • Added phase, step and report names to applicable audit trail events.

  • Allow importing of grid field data.

  • Fixed sorting of columns in repeated measure tables.

  • Data entry fields are now better visible when they are disabled (for example when: record/phase/step is locked, field is set to user missing or an exclusion message is shown.)

Release 2019.1.20

  • Alligned API survey sending rights with the behavior in the application. For the API we removed the necessity to have both 'Add' and 'Survey send' institute rights to send a survey, only 'Survey send' is now sufficient. 
  • Re-enabled release banner for the upcoming release.


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