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Export uploaded files

The 'Upload file' field allows users and survey participants to upload files to the study. Exporting uploaded files can be done in two ways:

Export per record, per field

Files can be individually downloaded from the form using the View or Download options alongside the field.

Export all uploaded files for all/selected records

Otherwise, it is possible to export all uploaded files from the study into a zipped file. To export files from the study, 

1. Navigate to the Records tab, select records you would like to export. 

2. Click on the 'Actions' button and choose 'Export selected':

3. In the 'Data export options' dialogue, choose 'Uploaded files (to zip-file)' from the Export Type dropdown menu. You can choose whether to export all files from the study or files from a specific phase/step using the interactive tree.

Each upload field has a separate folder, containing the files uploaded to the field. The record ID is added as a prefix to each file name.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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