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Can I export the audit trail?

At the moment you have two options to export audit trails: 

  • We can export the file for you against a certain fee.

  • Or you can export it yourself via API.

Audit Trail export file provided by Castor

To request an export of the audit trail, please contact indicating the title of the study for which the export should be prepared, as well as whether you need a full export or partial export. We will then indicate the fee estimation.

The full export contains the following information:

  • record created and archived
  • data entry events (only study and reports)
  • comments and queries
  • report created and archived
  • verifications (and drops)
  • signatures (and drops)
  • locks and unlocks (phases/steps/records)
  • user permissions
  • export created

Note: We can make 1 export per study free of charge. If additional exports were needed, these would be charged based on our professional service rate card.

 Audit Trail export via API

You have the possibility to export audit trail by yourself using the /study/study id/audit-trail/ endpoint.

Authorized users can retrieve audit trail events from a certain time range or filter by event categories and user ID.

Queries and Comments created before August 1, 2020 are not available via this endpoint due to changes in the audit trail design. Nonetheless, they can be accessed at any time through the Audit Trail user interface. 

For more information on the API, please read the article: Application Programming Interface

Note: When accessing the Audit trail, the readability of creation dates has been improved when the audit trail events are displayed in the extended event view. The time and date are now presented in ISO8601 format (for example, 2021-07-10 13:00:00.000). 

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