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Automatically add queries

This is a guide that helps with creating an automation with the "Add Query" action. Please note that all of the below examples use the example forms Castor can provide you for a newly created study.


Event: Field Value Updated.
Action: Add Open Query to "weight" asking "Are you sure?"
Example Condition: Study Field Value "weight" is greater than 120 kg.

Creation Steps

  1. Turn Monitoring on within your Study under Study Settings (if this is not down, you will get a warning later on in the Automation Engine).
  2. Go to the Automation Engine
  3. Name your Automation (for example: Add query when patient weight is greater than 120 kg)
  4. Select Event: Field Value Updated
  5. Select Condition
    1. Condition Type: Study Field Value
    2. Condition Field: Weight
    3. Condition Field Requirement: Greater than 120 kg
  6. Select Action
    1. Action Type: Add Query
    2. Action Field: Weight
    3. Status of Query: Open
    4. Comment of Query: Are you sure?
  7. Save your Automation
  8. Test your Automation
    1. Navigate to the Records tab.
    2. Either create a new test record via the "Create a new record" button or access a test record.
    3. In data-entry, find the field "weight". Specify the answer to be greater than 120 kg (eg. 130 kg).
    4. Now, either wait a few seconds, or refresh the step containing the target field by navigating away from it, then returning
    5. An open query appears on the "Weight" field. Clicking on it, you can see the message "Are you sure?" appearing. This can also be viewed in the Monitoring tab.
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