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Archive a study

As of release 2019.2, it is possible to archive a study. Archiving a study works as "soft delete", which means that the study and all its data is retained in the archive and can always be unarchived.

A study can be archived by a study user with 'Manage Settings' rights within the study.  Only a study that is not live can be archived. Please note that users can still access study values via the API, even if the study is archived.

To archive a study, click on the context (three dots) icon on the right of a study of interest. From the menu, click 'Archive':

Archived studies are by default hidden from the My studies list. To view your archived studies, click on 'Filters' to the right and select 'Show archived'. Archived studies will be shown greyed out and marked as 'archived':

To un-archive a study, open the same menu to the right of the archived study and select 'Unarchive':

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