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Send survey reminders

You can send survey reminders to participants who have not yet completed their survey after a certain period of time. 

Automatic survey reminders

It is possible to set up an automatic reminder when creating/editing survey package. This is a generic setting for the survey package and will always be applied when an invitation is sent for that survey package. 

To create a reminder, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Scheduling tab when creating/editing a survey package
  2. Tick the box 'Send reminder if survey not yet completed'.  
  3. Add the reminder subject
  4. Add the invitation message. Use {url} where the invitation URL should come. When a survey will be sent, the {url} will be converted to an actual survey link. Use {logo} to include a small version of the study logo.
  5. Set the number of days after which the reminder should be sent. The reminder can be set for up to 99 days after the invitation was sent.

Note: The reminders are sent if the survey progress is not 100% and the survey is not locked. If a survey is completed or a survey is locked (irrespective of the completion status) the reminders will not be sent. The survey reminder will only be sent once.

For all survey packages created before 05.12.2019, a survey reminder can be set up provided that the reminder is in the future. It is also possible to set a reminder after a survey package has been created provided that the reminder is in the future: If a survey was sent 30 days ago and you have a reminder set for 40 days after send date, the reminder will be sent in 10 days from now. If the survey was sent 45 days ago, and you have a reminder set for 40 days after send date the reminder date has passed and a reminder will not be created. The survey reminders are sent at 4:00 AM CET by default.

Manual survey reminder

In the 'Surveys' tab, use one or more of the filters in the top to easily select the surveys you would like to send the reminder for. You can filter on institute, survey name, and date sent (for example, you can use the 'before' option). For 'completion status', select 'Sent' for surveys that were sent but not started or 'In progress', for surveys that were started but are still not completed. 

From the resulting list, select the applicable survey invitations and click the 'Resend invite' button in the bottom:

You will be asked whether you want to re-use the previously sent invitation subject and email text or write a new invitation text. If you select 'Send with previous text', the same email will be sent to the participant, with the same subject, thus if you would like to indicate that it is a reminder, then it is best to write a new text.

The '(Re)send invite' button in the survey overview will check for the correct institute rights before (re)sending a survey. If the sender does not have appropriate rights for an institute, the surveys will not be (re)sent and the following warning message will be shown:

When a reminder is sent, the 'Date sent' will be updated accordingly.

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