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Enable importing EHR data for your study

If your institute has mapped the local Electronic Health Records (EHR) to Castor, you will be able to transfer the data from each EHR to the appropriate Castor record using a FHIR importer, which you will need to use regularly to import the data. To be able to use the Importer, the study must be configured to allow for receiving or active look-up of data in the EHR.

Currently supported hospitals are:

  • Radboudumc Nijmegen - The Netherlands
  • Leiden University Medical Center - The Netherlands
  • Vrije Universiteit Medical Center - The Netherlands

If you are from one of these institutes, you need to contact our support desk to configure your study. We need to know the following two things:

  • which hospital's EHR you intend to connect to
  • the identifier of the study within the hospital's EHR

After the support team has configured the study, you will need to map the fields in your Castor forms to the appropriate fields in the EHR. This is done using metadata, and guidance on configuring fields can be found here.

If you are interested in implementing the EHR importer within your institute, please contact for more information.

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