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Test a survey you have created

Once you have created a survey form and package you can proceed with testing your survey. First you need to create a test record and add your own email address to the record. In that record, create a survey invitation in the surveys tab. These are the same steps you will be following when you send actual surveys to the study participants. 

When sending the survey invitation, you will receive a copy of the same email that will be mailed to study participants:

Clicking on the link in the email will take you directly to the survey. 

You can also directly access the survey from within Castor, by clicking on the cogwheel next to the survey invitation in the Surveys tab and selecting 'Open survey in new window':

When creating the survey invitations, you can choose to 'Decide later' when asked to indicate the time of sending, this will create the invitation without sending an email.

Whichever method is used to access the survey, the layout will be shown exactly as the survey respondents will see it:

  1. The step navigator. This is only visible if you have selected to show the step navigator in the survey package settings. A progress bar is displayed to indicate the percentage of survey completion. This will change as questions are answered, much like in regular data entry. Under the progress bar, each survey and all steps within a survey are listed. If you have introduction text, this will be displayed as a separate section. 
  2. The main portion of the survey is comprised of the questions which the participant must answer.
  3. Language support: We have the option to switch between Dutch and English in the survey data entry screen (browsers set to Dutch will show surveys in Dutch).  Please note that only the standard static text elements are translated, for example 'Previous/Next' and 'Steps', whereas the survey itself does not change.

The participant uses the "Next" and "Previous" button to navigate between adjacent steps. When you attempt to fill out your own survey, the same format is utilised as for the participant, so this will enable you to obtain an insight of what it looks like for the participant.

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