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Configure fields for importing of EHR data

To import data from your institute's Electronic Health Record (EHR), the study fields must first be configured to be able to map the incoming data to the right forms and fields within your study.

Your study must first be configured by Castor to allow linking to the EHR.

To map a field, open the Form Builder, edit the field you want to map and select the 'Metadata' tab:

Click the 'Find metadata' button to search the metadata repository for your hospital:

In the upper left text box, you can search for list for the element that you want to map your field to. In the top right dropdown you can select which datapoint you actually want to use from the incoming measurement. When you found the right element, click 'Create metadata' to add the required metadata to the field:

You will notice that a set of Metadata elements has been added. Press 'Save' to store the metadata with the field:

Once configured, incoming messages from the EHR that are tagged with the associated Glims code e.g. 'BLOOD_HEMOGLOBIN' will automatically be mapped to this field in your study. You can add the same metadata to multiple fields.

Metadata are copied when you copy a form, and can be exported/imported via the form structure export. This can save a lot of time if you have repeating laboratory forms.

Automated population of phase start- and end dates

When importing data via the FHIR importer it is possible to define date ranges per phase to automatically map incoming measurements to the right phase in Castor based on the measurement's date and time. This process can be done automatically by annotating date fields in your phase(s) and marking them as Visit Date Start and Visit Date End. Castor currently relies on CDISC's CDASH annotations to make this work.

In order to use this in your study, you first have to add a new Metadata Terminology in the Study Settings named 'CDASH':

Next you can mark date fields with the CDASH annotations for Visit Date Start ('VISDAT') or Visit Date End ('VISENDAT') to indicate the start and end of a phase.

When using the FHIR importer,  Castor will use the following rules to automatically populate the phase dates:

  • Start date will be populated from the first field in the phase marked with the CDASH VISDAT annotation.
  • If the phase contains a field annotated with the CDASH VISENDAT it will use that field's value to populate the End date.
  • If no such field is present, the end date will be automatically calculated based on the Phase duration as configured in the Phase settings.
  • If no phase duration is configured the End Date will automatically be set to 1 month after the start date.

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