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Server: selecting data storage location

On the Login screen, you can select the server you want to access. Castor has a separate database within the stand-alone regions. Our US server is in the Americas (US) region, our NL and UK servers are in the European (EU) region and AU server is in Australia. This means that if you need access to studies in more than one region  (EU, US and AU), you need an account in each region.

For example:

Study A is on the Netherlands server, meaning that all users, irrespective of location, have to select 'Netherlands (' when logging in.

Study B is stored on the US Server meaning that all users must select 'United States (' when logging in.

‘My Studies’ overview only shows studies created on servers within the same region. If you have access to studies in different regions, you  have to log into the correct region to access the studies.

Selecting a server for a new study

If you want to start a new study on a different server than your current studies, you need to have an account on the that server as well.

Here are the URLs  for each server: means that you are logged in and will be creating the study on the server located in the Netherlands corresponds to the server in the United Kingdom corresponds to the server in the United States corresponds to the server in Australia

Please Note: The servers follow daylight savings from the region they're configured for. The Netherlands servers follow Amsterdam time (CET), UK servers follow London time (BDT), the US servers, follow New York time (EST), and the Australian servers follows the Sydney (AET) time.

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