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This article explains how to create your first study within Castor. 

To quickly become a Castor Pro, supplement your learning with the 1-hour Castor workshop. You can immediately start building your study structure and simulate data entry for free.

1. Register

  • First, login to Castor EDC. If you do not have an account, first register in Castor by following these instructions.
  • After logging in, you will be taken to the My studies page, which contains the list of studies you are currently managing or have been invited to.

2. Create a new study

To create a new study click on the '+ New Study' button after login:

3. Fill in the study details

You will need to fill in the following details of your study: 

  • Name of your study: Fill in a study name, which must be globally unique within Castor. 
  • Trial registry ID: Fill in the ID of the trial registry your study is registered in (if applicable, e.g.
  • Institute Name: Complete the details of the main institute that your study will be associated with.
  • Institute Abbreviation: Enter the institute abbreviation consisting of minimum of three letters and maximum of five letters. You can use it to affiliate a participant with a hospital, as part of a participant ID. There are no restrictions when you create your own institute abbreviation(s) within your study. 
  • Institute Country: Choose a country where the main institute is located.
  • Templates: A selection of templates has been added to the Create New Study form, these can be used to build a study more quickly.
  • Study type: If you are using this study for testing purposes only, choose test study. If you are collecting data, please choose real study.

If you are collecting real data, the following option will appear. To ensure that you have the best experience of Castor, please confirm that you have followed the online workshop:

Press 'Create Study' to create your study and build your data collection forms.

Your new study is ready!

Your new study is ready and opens automatically after creation. You will land on the Records tab - from here, you can start to structure your study and build your study forms.

Video walk-through

Watch the video walk-through to further acquaint yourself with Castor on Castor Academy:

Create a study | Castor Academy

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