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Delete or archive a report

This article shows how to delete a report. It is only possible to delete a report when your study has not been set to live.

Click on the cog wheel next to a report

In the data entry view, go to the reports tab and click on the cog wheel next to the report to be deleted:

  1. Choose 'Delete report' from the list of options. A dialog window will appear asking you to provide a reason for the deletion and press yes to confirm and delete the report.
  2. When your study is live, or has been set to live once before, it is no longer possible to delete reports. Instead, you can archive the report by clicking on 'Archive report'. When a report is archived, it is not shown in your data overviews and is not exported. Archived reports can be viewed by selecting 'Archived' in the 'Filter by status' menu - archived records are shown with the prefix "ARCHIVED".

Unarchive report

If you want to restore an archived report, you can choose the option 'Unarchive' in the same menu you open with the cogwheel. The report will be restored to the study, can be viewed in the reports tab of the associated record ID and will also be exported with other data.

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