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Delete a record

Delete a record

If you are not yet collecting data and your study has never been set to live, you can delete the record. To delete a record, click on the 'Records' tab, then click on the three dots next to the record you want to delete. Then click 'Delete':

All the record IDs that are deleted will get the prefix DELETED- and will be logged in the audit trail  as such. For example, if we deleted record  ''110001'' the record will appear as DELETED-110001 in the audit trail.

Note: We recommend to keep at least one test record in your study, so that you can still test during the study when necessary.

Archive a record

If you are already collecting data i.e. your study is currently live or has been live once before - it is no longer possible to delete records and you will need to archive any unnecessary records. This is due to GCP regulations, so that all collected data is traceable. Archived records will not be exported nor influence your study in any way, but will still be traceable/recoverable in case of an audit.

You can archive a single records using the three dots menu in the record overview. To archive multiple records, select the records you wish to archive, click on the 'Actions' button and choose the option 'Archive selected':

Enter the reason for archiving the records.

To un-archive archived records, choose the option 'Un-archive selected' records in the 'Actions' menu.

To view archived records, click on the 'Filters' button:

Select the 'Archived' box in the 'Filters' menu and click 'Apply' button:

Archived records obtain the prefix ARCHIVED-. The original record ID will no longer be used. 

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