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Using Castor is super easy! Just follow the steps below, depending on what you want to achieve within Castor: 

No matter what type of user you are, you must begin by creating your Castor account

Study admin path

Create your own study as a study admin.  

Data entry path

Enter a live study as a data-entry user to enter patient data.

Monitor path 

Enter a live study as a monitor to review patient data. 

  • Enter the live study you were invited to monitor for by clicking on the 'All records' button on the landing page. 
  • View the records in the study's Records tab
  • Enter a patient's record to begin reviewing the entered data. 
  • As you find discrepancies in data or other oddities, add a query to the afflicted fields to ask questions to the data-entry users.  

Some other helpful actions that can be done in Castor

  • Send notifications to the desired user when a specific event occurs within the study. You must have specific rights to set and alter the notification settings. 
  • View the audit trail to review all of the actions done within the study. You must have specific rights to view the audit trail. 
  • Lock and electronically sign phases and steps within a record. You must have specific rights to lock and sign phases and steps. 
  • Change your account settings, including your name, email, and password.
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