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Create a general survey link to share with multiple participants

It is possible to create one general survey link using Open Survey feature. This feature currently is available upon customer request. To enable it please contact Castor support via and provide the study title for which this feature should be enabled. Once it is activated for your study, you can start generating  links and share it with multiple participants, in newsletters or forums.

To enable the open survey link in your survey package
1. Navigate to Structure tab and click on Survey packages. 

2. Click on the cogwheel next to the survey package you want to enable it and click "Edit survey package".

3. Finally check the box "Allow creation of open survey link" and click Save. Now the open survey link is enabled and a link will be generated when the survey package is saved.

4. To view the link, navigate to the Structure -> Survey packages -> click on the cogwheel next to a survey package and choose the option 'View open survey link':

5. Since each participant filling the survey effects in a new record creation, you need to select an Institute where the records of the participants filling out an open survey link survey will be created.

As the surveys created from the open survey link and the manual surveys are not differentiated , if you want to keep these separated, we  recommend adding a different institute or different survey package designated for the open survey link surveys.

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